Things to do in Nosara that will totally transform your body and mind!

Nosara is an amazing place to spend your time. The whole experience is just extremely peaceful and rewarding. The Nosara vibe will make you feel blissful and full of joy in no time! Here are 7 activities you will absolutely enjoy when you are in Nosara:


You can take yoga classes all over the world these days but the level of some classes and venues in Nosara is just a little bit higher than in most places. Consider going on a yoga retreat or doing a yoga teacher training. There are so many schools and expert teachers here to choose from. The most well known are the Nosara Yoga Institute, Harmony Healing Center, Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort, Nosara Wellness Center, and the Costa Rica Yoga Spa. You will definitely transform your mind, body and spirit just by taking daily classes at one of these stellar venues!

Heavenly beaches

The beaches in Nosara are extremely beautiful. No kidding, it’s like being in paradise. Mostly because they are all protected and no construction whatsoever is allowed. You will think you are dreaming and the image and feel will stay with you for a very long time. The experience is so peaceful and calming and that’s probably the reason why everyone in Nosara walks around with a big smile on their face. To the north of Playa Guiones are Playa Pelada and Playa Ostional, while to the south is Playa Garza. Playa Pelada looks like an absolute dream, it will be impossible to get that image out of your mind, but that’s a good thing. Actually, I could say the same thing about the other beaches here and I would like to give a big shout out to Playa Ostional for offering that little more of healing and tranquility. Playa Guiones is stunning and great for running, relaxing, watching the sunset and surfing. You will see that everyone assembles on Playa Guiones for sunset, it’ s similar to the baby turtles heading to the ocean but in this case it’s families and friends. 

The joy of surfing

You are in one of the most beautiful and easiest places to learn how to surf. Just get your first lesson and then remember to go everyday preferably two times a day. Surfing is one of those activities you must try at least once in your life. Even though it will take a very long time before you are ready to go into the big waves that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy riding your first whitewater wave and then keep perfecting your jump ups and paddling for the remaining days. Spending a week or more surfing will completely transform your body and mind. 

Hungry in Nosara? A selection of nearby restaurants

You will have no difficulties finding a good restaurant in Nosara. There are many good restaurants and a lot of them in walking distance from Yaxa. The most beautiful one is of course La luna. La Luna is too beautiful to accurately describe, you will understand just how perfect this place is when you will see it for yourself. Another place that you definitely need to visit is Naked Foods in Guiones, this is absolutely one of the best restaurants I have ever been to. Only organic fruits and vegetables and the menu is absolutely perfect! Olivia’s is another place you don’t want to miss when you are in Nosara. They serve the best pizzas in town and also might open your culinary mind by offering some pretty unique pizza combinations without sacrificing taste or good sense. Harmony is such a wonderful place to go, the restaurant, the pool, the bar it’s just too beautiful and the food is absolutely delicious also try the exquisite smoothies they have on offer! Although there are so many other places that definitely need to be mentioned I will end this post by directing you to beach dog cafe, also in Guiones near the beach, offering a very original menu all made with organic produce. They also have live music two times a week and it’s a great place to hang out and meet new people.

Paddle boarding on the idyllic rivers in Nosara

A great adventure trip is exploring Nosara’s two rivers, Rio Nosara and Rio Montana. It will be even better if you bring an experienced guide along for the adventure. Parrots, herons, motmots, trogons, and kingfishers, as well as crocodiles, iguanas, moneys, butterflies, and crabs are all present in these areas making this trip super worthwhile!

Horseback riding during one of Nosara’s amazing sunsets

You can opt for a morning or evening horseback riding tour. Whatever you choose it is bound to be a memorable experience. The horses are well taken care of and the scenery is absolutely breathtaking. Exploring Nosara’s beaches and dry wood tropical forests on a horse will definitely be a rewarding adventure!


At Yaxa we work with a young, local masseuse who specializes in after surf relaxation and deep tissue massage.

Rent a surf board at Yaxa

We have several surfboards for rent and we also offer daily surf classes with licensed surf instructors. And the best waves are only a five minute walk from the hotel.

Discover Nosara on a quad: The ultimate soft adventure experience

We assist you with quad rentals and can have one ready for you the day you arrive! Also consider exploring the area on a quad with one of our local guides.